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Re: Injecting co2 into a canister filter

Jrquicker at aol_com at Jrquicker at aol_com wrote:

> I've heard that if you inject co2 into a canister filter that you will lose a
> great deal of it by doing it this way, if so why then are so many people
> doing it to start with? I would also like to know just how they go about
> injecting co2 anyway?        Thanks,Jack

I do it because it's easy and it works great. The CO2 line runs into a small
hole drilled in the intake strainer of a Magnum 350. I run the CO2 24/7 with
100 watts of T8s, and a photoperiod of about 11 hrs. I get about 6 months
out of a 5 pound CO2 tank on an open-top 45g aquarium. I suppose the
efficiency could be increased somehow or other, but any modification would
have to be pretty simple and easy for it to be worth my trouble. Turning it
off every night is already too much of a hassle IMHO. :)

I doubt CO2 injected into a canister filter could leak out to any
significant extent, frankly. Seems to me that loss from the water surface
would dwarf any loss from the canister.

Dan Dixon