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Re: Hemianthus callitrichoides

>>Has anyone any experiences of Hemianthus callitrichoides? Seems to be a
alternative to Glossistigma?

Same family as micranthemoides, right?  I have some micranthemoides that
grew this way totally by accident.. . couple of very small stem peices got
mixed up with some glossostigma I planted. The Glosso I planted in that area
got all up rooted and died off during an algae fight, but the
micranthemoides grew on top of the substrate and has grown out to about a 6"
square area...all hugging the substrate growing completly horizontal. Looks
exactly like the Tropica illustration you mention. I have had a heck of a
time trying to do this intentionally with Micranthemoides or Neil Franks
"Pearl Grass". No matter what I have done it always grows vertically. Leave
it to nature to do it right I guess. I hope it continues to cover my entire
substrate. Looks pretty cool, and more unique than Glosso. (glosso has
gotten so common now!)

Side note...anyone feeling charitable or willing to trade for some
plants...I need someone to make some animated banners for me. Please email
me if interested.

Robert Paul Hudson
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