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Re: Hornwort and Melafix

 Chris Browning:

> Hi, I used a bit of Melafix in my 55gal tank, mostly as a precaution,
> BEFORE I had learned that medicines like this kill Hornwort!
> Therefore, all of mine is dying, almost all dead. What can I do to
> fix this problem?! Is there any way I can keep future batches of it
> from dying? 

I hadn't read this about Melafix.  

If you can't change your ways, change your water -- a lot of it, say
50% or more.  Repeat daily until the culprit in the water is suitably
diluted.  Needless to say, don't add more medicines to tanks to which
they will do harm.  Maintain nutrients when doing water changes.

Scott H.

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