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Re: faulty light fixture

Brian Berggoetz said:

> I just bought a new shop light put good bulbs in it, put it on the
> tank
> and within a few days the bulbs are blinking.  It's a typical 4 foot
> shoplite from home depot.  I dont have a lid on the tank could
> moisture
> cause this ?  Has anyone seen this before?
> TIA  Brian

It probably goes without saying, but have you checked that the bulbs
are seated properly in the sockets.  Just a tad off, and the bulbs can
fail to light, can flicker, light sometimes and not others, or suffer
from the internal snakey wavies running down the tube.  I don't know
which shop light you have from HD but some of the cheaper ones (hey I
buy them too) can be finicky.  It helps sometimes to remove and remount
the bulbs.

If the lamp came with bulbs, so that you now have spares, switch them
arround to confirm that the fixture is working correctly.

Are the "good" the same kind the lamp was designed for?  For example,
T8s vs T12s

Scott H.

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