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Flying SAE's continued

Scott Hieber wrote:

>> Perhaps as a said testament to my fishkeeping abilities, I have had
SAE's leap over the river Styx but never over the edge of the tank.
Some batches of juveniles seem fragile when first introduced.  Have
others had this experience? <<

I know that when Uncle Ned's gets them in, they are REALLY tiny.  He makes
sure that he has really algae-filled tanks available for them.  Even so, he
has some problems with them when first imported.  It seems like Otos, once
they've been in the store for a week or two, and have had enough to eat that
they are filling out, they are pretty sturdy.  When they are very young AND
starved out, yes, they can be touchy.

>> What's old age for one of these? <<

I don't know yet.<g>  My oldest ones are probably 7 or 8 years old, big,
fat, and not much interested in algae any more.  But they are still cute.<g>