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heat tape

>>>Hi Roxanne,

How do you attach it to the aquarium?  to the back?  sides?

I am very interested in using this and removing the interior heaters in

The website warns to make sure the heat tape has adequate ventallation.
 I am
unsure how exactly the heat tape is used on the tank in a safe manner.

- -Lee>>>>

You do not attach it really.  You set up your stand, level it, etc. 
You put down the heat tape (it's really plastic with embedded wires, not
sticky tape at all).  You attach the wires to the end of the tape that
sticks out at one end of the aquarium with the provided plastic covered
connectors.  You put your aquarium on top and that's it.  Stand.  Tape. 
There is no attachment per se.

Ventilation seems to be adequate if the tank has at least a cm or so of
space between the glass and the frame bottom - you know what I mean? 
The frame extends a bit beyond the bottom glass, so the heat plastic
(aka tape) is not really touched except by the frame of the tank.  At
least that's true for my All Glass tanks.  Furthermore, my stand has
holes in the center, it's not solid wood on top; cheap, eh?

These days, the heat tape indeed comes with the warning not to put the
tank on top of it.  It didn't used to include this warning in the olden
days (the 1980's and early 1990's).  I ignore it.  No problems in many
years.  It does not get that hot, just warm, so I doubt it can crack the

I guess reptile people put the heat tape inside the terrarium under the
gravel (??), not sure how that works with the wires, etc though.
Anyway, the way I described works well for me, but, since I am not
technically following the manufacturer's directions, you should make up
your own mind.
Good luck.  I would try it.

Roxanne Bittman