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Re: foreground lawn

Diane Brown wrote:
> I suspect that similar lighting in the brackish tank wasn't 
> enough for the lilaeonopsis and acicularis (although it had a 
> crushed coral substrate and no CO2 injection). I am leaning 
> towards the E. tenellus, although it looks like I'll have to 
> get it by mailorder, as I've not seen it in my LFSs here in 
> St. Louis. Any thoughts? 

To elaborate on the lilaeopsis, here is a photo of it in my tank:
http://jerbaker.dhs.org/fish/images/lilaeopsis.jpg. It doesn't grow
terribly slow. I planted three of those black plastic pots worth, and it
has pretty much covered the front 6" of my tank in about a month. It's a
little thin in places, but spreading fast.

My lighting is 4X55W Bright Kits from AH Supply on an 80G tank, so
that's about 2.75W/G, and you have 2.41W/G. Should be similar growth

Jerry Baker