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Re: Why grow plants fast

Roger Miller noted in response to my comment that growing plants fast
is sometimes one among the several goals:

> That might be some people's real goal, but honestly
> I think it's a naive goal. 

If "real goal" means that it is one's only point in growing plants,
well that would have to get very boring pretty fast.  It might not only
show naivete, but also an extrordinarily narrow range of focus.  

> Sure, it's great to see
> growth take off.  

And that's okay -- that's all I meant.  Others have covered lots of
other goals, some of which are related faster growth conditions.  It
just seemed that no one wanted to admit that it had some value.

> After a few months of dealing with
> fast growth (especially in a small tank) you might
> prefer a considerably slower growth rate.

Certainly my slow tanks like me more than my faster tanks do.  Which is
to say they are more forgiving when I "crash the car."  But when I am
waiting for that growth to fill in or to find out if the change in
nutrient levels will make things better or worse, they can give me the
cold shoulder for a long time.  

Scott H. 

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