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Re infusoria - Thanks, Ed!

JoAnn Amber said:

> Ed Dumas said:
> <<Very interesting ideas and all very good questions.
> I think you will find experts in the area of live
> foods on the Live Food Digest, which is very similar
> to the Aquatic Plants Digest and also hosted by Fins
> at actwin.>>
> Thanks, Ed!  I've been browsing about over there
> getting educated ever since you pointed it out to me. 
> It was a big help. :)
> JoAnn

Oh, you are very welcome. I am interested in doing some of these things
myself, particularly the raising of Daphnia for my fish in my planted
tank. When I was in University (far too long ago!), I used to go down to
the duck ponds at a local park with my fish net and a big bucket to
catch fresh daphnia for my fish. In the heat of the summer they would
bloom so much that each swipe of my fish net would bring up about 1/2
lb. of fresh daphnia! I would make many successive trips over the summer
and then freeze them quickly when I got home, and have free frozen
daphnia to last all winter long.

My fish loved it so much that everything began to spawn in my tanks, and
I ended up with many hundreds of corydoras catfish to sell to local pet
stores. I am hoping that this summer when I have a little time off from
teaching that I can set up a couple of Daphnia cultures, too, just for
the delight of watching the fish eat fresh food.

Take care and have fun.

Ed Dumas