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Re: Foreground lawn

>Which of these do you think might be happiest in my tank (or should I be
>looking at something else instead)?:
>echinodorus tenellus/pygmy chain sword
>sagittaria subulatis/dwarf sagittaria
>acicularis/dwarf hairgrass

>I suspect that similar lighting in the brackish tank wasn't enough for the
>lilaeonopsis and acicularis  (although it had a crushed coral substrate and
>no CO2 injection).  I am leaning towards the E. tenellus, although it looks
>like I'll have to get it by mailorder, as I've not seen it in my LFSs here
>in St. Louis.
>Any thoughts?

I can only comment on E. tenellus which I have had in my tank for a
year. Grows fast. Not really great for the foreground lawn effect
though. It gets taller than I thought it would (anywhere from 6" to 12"
high) and propogates really fast. From two plants it eventually spread
to every part of my 60 gallon tank in about six months. Easy plant to
grow just not what I would consider a low growing "lawn" type plant.