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CO2 system

Hello everyone,
I'm attempting to set up a planted tank at long last and I need some help 
with the CO2 system. I'd like my first attempt not to be an utter failure. 
The plants arrive tomorrow and a double guage CO2 regulator from Kegworks 
that Tom Barr had recommended to others is on its way. I have 2 questions.

1) Instead of a needle valve would it be ok to use a flow control valve, one 
touch fitting?  It is made by a company called SMC out of a material called 
PBT. It's O-ring is made out of nitrile butyl rubber. This valve was given to 
my husband today from a person in the pneumonics dept. of a robotics firm 
where they both work. We hooked it up to compressed air with the regulator 
set on 20 psi and could get any bubble rate we wanted. Is there any reason we 
should buy a needle valve when we could just use this? I have no experience 
with valves of any sort and am at a loss here.

2) What is the composition of CO2 resistant tubing? There is a large variety 
of tubing at the robotics company so I'm wondering if they have something we 
could use.

Thanks for any suggestions

who has no algae problems because the lights have not yet been turned on 

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