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Re: Flower spike

John wrote >>My
> tank is not open air, so the spike is going to fry nestled in among the
> CF bulbs.  Now, onto the questions:
> 1) Can I simply cut off the flower spike with impunity?
> 2) Can I cut sword leaves that are older (the plant is dominating my
> tank at this point).<<

Hello John,

Cut off the flower spike? :-(  I'd think about that some more, but do what
you like.  I have a Crinum flower spike that is doing the same thing.  In
order to not fry the flower, I have the hood jacked up with 2x4's.  This
will lower the useable light a little and also allow any suicidal fish the
chance for dry "freedom".  If you can live with this, it's a good
alternative to cutting the flower spike.  You can then train the spike to go
outside the hood and away from the lights.

If you want to strip a few leaves, that won't hurt the plant any.  I've had
better luck bending the leaf down and away from the plant - kinda like
peeling a banana.  The leaf usually breaks free.  This works best with the
oldest leaves because they are near the bottom and you don't have to injure
any of the other leaves to do this.