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Re: Why grow plants fast

There have been a lot of thoughtful answers to the question whether, or
why, people try to grow plants fast.  The responses have noted that it
is not a goal in and of itself but part of a program to address several
issues such as algae accumulation, damage from fish or pruning, etc.

But is no one going to admit that growing plants quickly is fun for
some folks because we enjoy making things happen, even in small
systems, and we like to see results sooner rather than later, other
things being equal?   I don't mean that we are power freaks nor that
this is the *only* goal of *any* aquatic gardener nor that we are
generally impatient people -- if anything, growing plants well teaches
one patience.  But getting the balance right, dosing the nutrients and
then seeing the Vals really take off, that's kind of neat, especially
if they have been languishing for a long time.  I don't want to make
too much of this, but looking deep down, I think it can be one of the

Scott H. 

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