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Re: gfci??

Someone said about GFCIs that they are no harder to install than a
replacement outlet, *except*
 take up a little more room in the outlet box.

This isn't quite so that they are no harder to install, at least with
most GFCIs on the market such as Levitons.  There are different ways
that you can wire the GFCI depending on whether you want the GFCI to
protect some or all other outlets on same circuit.  The alternatives
can be confusing and the diagrams aren't always easy to follow.

I'm not trying to generally dissuade folks from performing what is a
relatively simple electrical installation, but you have got to get the
installation right or the socket (or circuit) might not have ground
fault protection or, worse, might actually promote electrical shock. 
House current electrical shocks can cause injury or death and can
increase the risk of fire in some situations -- even if the
probabiility is low, the stakes are high!  If you have any doubts about
whether you can do the installation correctly, then just get an
extension cord that offers ground fault protection.

Trying to avoid the obvious pun,
Scott H.

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