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Re: What's that weed?

Smart weed, knotweed etc.
I've seen this for sale every now and then.
It can turn a nice red color but tends to get ratty. Not a bad plant but
leaves a little bit to be desired.
This line drawing might better get you an idea. Not sure if this is or is
not but it's likely close:


Look at the line drawing and note the stipules at the end of the petiole.
You will not find these on an Ammannia. Ammania has a very symmetrical
opposite leaf pattern. This plant looks alternate.
A gracilus is about 2x the size as the other A. senegalensis and is easier
to grow. Can be a fast growing weed. Color variable. Lighting can pay a role
in color(including lighting color temps, fairly unusual there) as can NO3
levels. Stems can get finger sized. Good for groups in larger tanks. Best
color IME when 6500K - 6700K bulb with low NO3's and well feed.
Tom Barr   
> Picture of the plant he sent me is
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/notAmmania.jpg
> I'd appreiate comments from anyone who has kept Ammania gracilis.
> Thanks
> Ghazanfar Ghori