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Re: heat tape

Roxanne Bittman wrote:

> I have always used heat tape instead of normal aquarium heaters.  I
> think the plants appreciate the warm feet and it's a very reliable way
> to heat the tank.
> I use a rheostat with it; you just attach the connectors to the metal
> strips on the heat tape  and then plug in to the rheostat.

This is a very interesting idea, Roxanne, and seems reasonably
affordable. Where do you get the rheostat from? Do you put the heat tape
under the bottom glass? Assuming that, do you need then to cover the
heat tape with insulation or anything else? Also, is there a specific
length that one must have for these, and can one connect two or more
pieces together for aquariums which have a reinforcing brace down the
middle of the bottom?

I appreciate any info you can provide.

Ed Dumas