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Re: Profile

> >>The idea that it has been washed in nitric acid occurred to me but I
> don't think that explains the strange pH readings. Aeration should not
> lower the pH in a CO2 injected tank. I do not have fish in the tank nor
> have I added any source of nitrate. If I take a sample of dry Profile
> and put it in a test tube with some water and give it a shake, when I
> test the water I get a nitrate reading right away. I just pulled up a
> couple of stem plants and they are developing roots as normal so I guess
> maybe all this doesn't matter. I am going to crank up the CO2 a bit and
> see what happens. I won't be buying any Profile in the future.<<

I've had a tank setup with profile for over 4 years now.  I've never experienced any problems with it.

The Profile I used was labeled as an aquatic plant soil for use in ponds.  The guy I bought it from
thought I was crazy.  He asked me how my pond was doing, and I told him, "I don't have a pond, I'm
going to use this in an aquarium".

My point is, if in fact it's leaching nitrates, it can't be used in ponds either.  I would return it
and try to get more from a different lot number.

Bob Ashcraft