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Re: Starting Over

In a message dated 5/29/02 2:56:19 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> My tank is getting worse, not better. The white stuff which looks like 
> filmy 
> mold is spreading over everything. The green dust algae is back, worse than 
> ever. There is brown stuff growing in all my tubing and the mixer J. I am 
> so 
> frustrated and I don't know what to do. Plant growth is tremendous, huge, 
> fast, bright, except for crypts, lotus, and now my Barclaya longifolia, 
> which all grow a few leaves, then melt, then repeat the cycle.
> I am starting to wonder if I should just rip everything out & start over. 
> The tank will be a year old in July, and it has never stabilized. What do 
> you all think - should I start over?

I would not start over.  I have not followed your previous posts intensely, 
but I am sure Tom B. could give some good advice where to go with things.  
Maybe a UV sterilizer would cut some of that algae down?  I am not sure there 
but again Tom would know.  Maybe a real detailed rundown of everything in 
your tank, like water parameters, lighting, etc.  I would bet someone can 
help.  Sounds like you must be doing something right with good growth in some 
plants.  Hang in there.


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