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Runners...and Anacharis rotting...?

Hey guys, just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone on my cloudy
water problem, which I have been ridden of since!

I have a few questions about some of the other plants that I now have in
my tank.  I was very excited to see that the new bunches of anacharis I
bought were doing much better then the last few sets, which I ended up
having to throw out =(  Though, now they seem to be unhappy again.  I'd
rather avoid having to throw out another few bunches this time.  The
majority of the plant seems really happy and is growing really well,
dark green color, thick leaves etc, but the bottom part...about 2" above
gravel begins to rot and below gravel tends to rot completely and break.
Then I get pieces of anacharis all over the tank which looks mostly
healthy!  How do I keep the plant down without rotting the bottom part
off and have it be happy?

The other question I have is about my Amazon Sword plant.  Its very
happy, about 15" tall with lots of leaves and about three stems that
have what look like new little bulbs on them.  They have little leaves
and even roots coming down now.  What do I do with them?  I feel as
though I should cut the stems around the bulbs and plant them in a small
cluster near the other sword in the tank, which I did with one of them,
but I didn't want to ruin the whole plant by doing something wrong with
it...?  The other thing is, the plant seems happy, mostly happy that is,
just like the anacharis, but some leaves have what look like burned
spots on them.  It starts out the leaf starts to turn a lighter shade of
green, then brown, then it begins to get holes in it and it works its
way from the tip back toward the stem.  Is there something I should do
about this like cut those off, if so where should I cut them off?
Should it be at the base of the leaf or at the root of the plant near
the bulb?

The other plants I haven't entirely identified yet, but are very happy,
growing nicely, no brown spots and I can easily see root structures
through the bottom of the tank.  I was happy when I started seeing that.
I also took all the plants out of the wool they were shipped in as
suggested here and they seem even happier.

Last question.  I followed the DIY filter with two 5g buckets with the
bottoms cut out, etc.  I'm wondering what the best way to inject the CO2
into the tank would be.  I've cut a very small hole in the pre-filter
for the sump pump and put the tube from the CO2 bottles into that, but I
can actually see the air bubbles in the tank and it doesn't look quite
as nice.  I've also tried putting the air tube under the bucket and
letting it bubble up through the aqua balls, but I'm afraid its escaping
too much.  I've considered sealing the buckets together along with the
intake tube to the top so there would be no possibility of it escaping,
plus it would make a good reactor.  Does that sound like a good idea or
would the CO2 simply escape while sitting in the sump water waiting to
be pumped back up?

Thanks in advance