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Re: Max or healthy growth?

>> I never said that the "high tech" method was easier,
>> or that I snub those who don't grow plants at max speed, . . .
> It seems there've been other posts that give (me at least) the impression
> that some people's goal is maximum plant growth.  I understand that more
> light, CO2, etc., are necessary to provide conditions for growing some
> plants, and that healthy plant growth is necessary to keep algae from
> flourishing, but can someone who has this goal explain to me why maximum or
> extremely rapid growth of plants is a goal in and of itself?
> Ellen O'Connell
> Parker, CO

Max growth and healthy growth are a couple of different things. Mass vs
quality. I like quality over speed any day.
Folks always seem to say that all this dosing I do etc means that I have to
trim all time. No, it doesn't. What I do prune looks nicer, richer greens
reds etc. Some of those hard to grow plants are much easier to grow, my slow
growers like crypts/Anubias etc grow faster.

Your plant choices and aquascape dictate most of the maintenance, not so
much what you dose etc. You can have a high tech high growth etc tank with
nothing but crytps and not prune it very much at all. Or have a high volume
of driftwood and or rocks. Again, not much pruning etc.
Conversely, you can have a high maintenance non CO2 tank. Just depends on
your set up.

Folks want to make excuses about not doing a high tech approach as some form
hassle, well it's only hassle if you make it and are looking to make it a
hassle for your self. Feeding your fish is a hassle also if you make as
The same can be said for folks harping on the low tech non CO2 method. You
make it what it is. Either can require the same amount of work.

Tom Barr