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high vs low thing

OK, I missed a good deal of this thread but I do know who Jeff Senske is.
Very nice guy. He was at the conference in Chattanooga and had pictures of
some stunning tanks he created.  What approach is he taking?  I don't know
what he is doing that is different than the rest of us but from the looks of
his pictures, it is most definitely working for him.

FWIW, I have what I consider both low and high tech tanks.
High - MH, cable heaters, CO2 canister, fluorite, automation of everything.
(I am a gadget freak)
Low - Fluorite and a single standard strip light.  Sometimes I remember to

Tom Barr has given the best analogy I've heard.  High tech is like a sports
car.  Everything happens really fast and you can have a horrible crash if it
gets away from you!