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Re: Infusoria

JoAnn Amber wrote:

> I'm looking at these demoslides - Blepharisma,
> Paramecium, Spirostomum, Stentor, Euglena.  Hah! 
> Infusoria!  But we're not raising any fry.  (Well,
> except guppies and platys; you know how they are.)  So
> granted we could pop this stuff in the aquaria when
> we're done sciencing with them, but will anybody in
> there eat them?  Surely I wouldn't end up with an
> overpopulation of protozoa.  Or would I?  Does anybody
> keep an infusoria culture in a tank without tiny fry?
> Hmmmm, not much about plants in that, is there?  Okay,
> is the algae that ordinarily hangs about in the
> aquarium adequate food for the beginnings of a food
> chain for these protozoa or would I need to cultivate
> green water in my aquarium (no thank you)?  All right,
> algae's not a plant either (necessarily), but close
> enough.

Very interesting ideas and all very good questions. I think you will
find experts in the area of live foods on the Live Food Digest, which is
very similar to the Aquatic Plants Digest and also hosted by Fins at
actwin. You can find them at:


Good luck!

Ed Dumas