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Re: chlorinated water

Hello Ajit,

Whether it is safe will depend very much on the degree of water
chlorination, i.e. whether a 1:3 dilution will reduce chlorine to an
insignificant concentration.

But it is a dangerous practice -- it is very easy to burn the gills. The
fish won't die -- and thus some people claim that it is "safe" -- but
the fish are quite impaired!

The safe practice is first to neutralize the chlorine or chloramine and
only then use the water in an aquarium.



Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 15:40:29 +0530
From: "drajitathale" <drajitathale at hclinfinet_com>
Subject: chlorinated water

I have read at some website that about 25% chlorinated(untreated) water
be added during routine water change, without causing any harm to the

Has anybody tried this?

Dr Ajit Athale,
Baroda, India.