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My protozoa for biology studies arrived this week in
cute little "demoslides", lovely devices in which one
can (supposedly) both maintain  a small culture and
easily view the tiny critters by popping the whole
thing under the microscope. Handy things _if_ they

I'm looking at these demoslides - Blepharisma,
Paramecium, Spirostomum, Stentor, Euglena.  Hah! 
Infusoria!  But we're not raising any fry.  (Well,
except guppies and platys; you know how they are.)  So
granted we could pop this stuff in the aquaria when
we're done sciencing with them, but will anybody in
there eat them?  Surely I wouldn't end up with an
overpopulation of protozoa.  Or would I?  Does anybody
keep an infusoria culture in a tank without tiny fry?

Hmmmm, not much about plants in that, is there?  Okay,
is the algae that ordinarily hangs about in the
aquarium adequate food for the beginnings of a food
chain for these protozoa or would I need to cultivate
green water in my aquarium (no thank you)?  All right,
algae's not a plant either (necessarily), but close

JoAnn [hunting about for a copy of Encyclopedia of
Live Foods]

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