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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #119


I have to tear down my 29 Gallon setup, as I am moving
out of the country. I am givng away the following :
(i) 29G Glass tank + hood + stand
(ii) 55W Compact Flourescent Setup (with electronic
(iii) 15 Endearing red wagtail platies
(iv) the following plants:
  Amazon Sword (osiris)
  Amazon Sword (normal)
  Lots of wisteria
  Lots of Water Sprite
  A patch of Crypocoryne Wendtii
  A patch of Java Fern

I live in the SF bay area, and I gotta closedown
before Friday. I'd hate to throw away all this, or
give the fish to an aquarium shop, so  Id appreciate
if I could find a kind home for my platies. 


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