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Re: Re: Profile

>>The idea that it has been washed in nitric acid occurred to me but I
don't think that explains the strange pH readings. Aeration should not
lower the pH in a CO2 injected tank. I do not have fish in the tank nor
have I added any source of nitrate. If I take a sample of dry Profile
and put it in a test tube with some water and give it a shake, when I
test the water I get a nitrate reading right away. I just pulled up a
couple of stem plants and they are developing roots as normal so I guess
maybe all this doesn't matter. I am going to crank up the CO2 a bit and
see what happens. I won't be buying any Profile in the future.<<

It is very bizzare. I have been using Profile in over 20 tanks for three
years, never had that probelm. This past year when I moved, I started all my
tanks over with new Profile, actually Schultz Clay Conditioner, which is the
same identical material made by the same company, from fullers earth. Still
no problem like you describe. Works wonderfull for me.

Robert Paul Hudson