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Re: your mysterious posts on APD. :-)

Shireen posted:

> Karen, appended below is an example of what
> your posts have looked like on APD recently.
> Can you post in plain ol' text please? We're
> dying to know what you're trying to tell us!:-)

Hi folks, I haven't posted anything to the APD recently.  This is caused by
a virus called "Klez", on someone else's machine.  The virus takes e-mail
addresses from that person's address book, and sends out messages to another
address in the address book, making it LOOK like it came from the first
person.  So there is someone out there who has my e-mail address on their
computer, and has this virus.

Since my e-mail address is widely known, there are lots of possible places
this could be coming from.  I do have a strong suspicion whose computer is
harboring the virus, because of the timing and original subject line of the
post.  I have contacted that person and asked them to run a virus scan on
their machine. (I've already done that just to be safe, and my computer was

Rest assured, that if I have something to post on the list, I won't send it
in HTML.  My software is set for plain text, and I never change it.  The
good news is that since majordomo is stripping the HTML out of the messages
that are going to the list, I don't think there's any danger of the virus
being spread through them.  Believe me, this is as annoying to me
(considering that my name is attached) as it is to all of you!