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Re: MIME stripping

> Will someone please tell Karen that all the messages she has tried
> to post for the last two weeks are only getting this message posted
> to the list? I am getting real curious what she is trying to post!
> Robert

I can't be sure without seeing the attachment, but the audio/x-midi sent
with an application/octet-stream sure looks like the Klez virus.

If it is the Klez virus, it's probably not Karen sending it. The virus
does email people in your address book, but it also sets the return
address of that mail to another address in your address book.

It appears, from looking at the headers on the actual message, that the
email orginates from somebody in Vancouver, BC on a telus.net account.

You will notice that there are 3 identical messages (containing virus
probably) that appear to be from different people, but originate at the
same IP address and/or follow the same mail server chain.

Jerry Baker