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Re: Syringes and sticking with the plastic ones

Jerry Baker said, in part, about plastic syringes from the pharmacy:

> The smallest I could find around here are 5mL syringes, and
> they
> are only marked to 0.1mL. They are horrible too because the lettering
> scratches off after a few uses and have to go get new ones.

Ask your pharacist if she or he can get better plastic syringes -- for
example some BD 3 ml (they come in 1 ml - 60 ml sizes).  They are all
intended for a single use, so they don't have etched markings.  But
some brands last longer than others.  The ones I have (BD) generally
last about 6 months or so until the letter is so rubbed, knocked,
scratched off through use that I can't read the markings.  But after a
few months, I pretty well know how much is in the syringe by eyeballing
it even without the markings.

If I needed to measure something down to less than a one half ml, I
think I'd just a mix a fixed larger portion in a fixed amount of water,
and then measure out larger volumes of the mix as I needed them.

Alternatively, if you tend to work at just a few volumes, you can nick
the syringe right on those marks when it's new.  But admittedly that's
a pain if you want a lot of marks.

Scott H.

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