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Re: High tech

> High tech should read "things that plants need method"
> and low tech should read "trying so hard to cheat
> algae, and save a dollar method". Both projects end up
> costing the same if you look at it in dollars per
> year. The way to get a really "juicy" tank is to give
> plants what they need. Isn't that why we do this
> anyway?
> John Wheeler

High tech to me means pH controller, staggered lighting, complex filtration
systems, automatic dosing, etc.

Basic addition CO2 is an issue in and of itself. Some would argue that non
CO2 vs CO2 is that high/low tech line. I guess, I'm in this camp's opinion.
Hands on vs hands off.

A number of folks try desperately to save a dime to spend a dollar but then
again, they like that saving the short term gain and that's fun for them
also. I admit to this (as most of us should fess up to for that matter).

Low tech to me seems to = low maintenance for the most part, or at least
that's the idea they most often have in mind. "I don't want to get too far
into plants but will settle for less growth etc rather than add CO2, get
high lighting etc." This has appeal, they just want the plants to stay there
and and look okay, not really grow the dickens out of them.

This is why I think the non CO2, say Walstad et al approach, is good for
these folks. It really can achieve their goals that they set out to do.
But some try to grow plants too fast(adding more fert's) or add too much
lighting etc to these tanks or simply don't have the patience and the desire
to switch plants around to get the right combo they want and that do well in
these tanks. They try to mix non CO2 methods with the CO2 enriched tank
methods. Not good.

High tech folks, well some just love toys and gadgets. Some got $ to burn
and want to go first class and don't care how much it cost. I try to steer
those folks towards useable stuff rather than spending $ for the sake of it.

Cheap folks, well, they will get what the pay for generally. Doesn't matter
if it's high or low tech. But these same cheap folks might spend a lot, but
they might come up with one or two real good ideas that saves everyone a lot
in the end... even if they themselves don't save. So it's all good in the

Tom Barr