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Re: cheaper Diatom filter solution

> 1-The construction is shoddy. They clog up really fast, and when they do,
> they typically tear right through. The paper used in the rainbow cartridges
> is much thicker.

I use the solid block style. They have 50 and 5 micron. The 50 last quite
sometime before clogging. Depends on detrital load also. Some folks want to
remove GW, some want to polish the water, not many folks run Diatoms 24/7
all the time. That was the point about using these. I cleaned the 50 if I
ran it all the time every 3-5 days. I plumbed a by pass also so I was a
simple temp system to polish things.

> 2- After I replaced several of them over a 3 day period (I had done a major
> overhaul) I noticed the tank was clouding over and the fish were acting
> stressed out.

Was the major overhaul the issue there or was it the filter? I think you
answered that one yourself.

> I suspected at the time that the filters had an antibacterial
> additive.  I could be wrong, but after a water change, and use of the
> rainbow cartridges the tank went back to normal.

I never had a clouding issue.
I'm talking about the block style filter cartridges and also the filters
themselves, not using them on some other brand. The idea is for a temp
solution here, like a diatom filter, you don't run those for 3-4 days
without a clog? After a major overhaul, most folks would clean those often

Tom Barr