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Re: Emperor's new cloths

At 03:48 AM 5/25/02 -0400, Roger Miller wrote:
>  I don't see any
>information in the article that Dave cited that supports the idea that the
>valve needs to run "choked" in order to prevent a dump, or that running
>"choked" would even be protective.   Perhaps Dave can be more instructive.

I guess Tom expects the Emperor to use his new cloths to wipe up the mess 
after the dump......

Actually, once the valve is running sonic, it is quite proof to a drop in 
output resistance (back pressure) and maintains a pretty constant 
flow.  Further, it is not terribly sensitive to input pressure either, as 
it takes a big increase in input pressure to make the flow go supersonic in 
the valve.  I am afraid I don't know exactly how big.

And the most important point is that all this REDUCES the magnitude of the 
dump, it does not prevent it.   If you are lucky, the magnitude will be so 
reduced it is not of practical importance.  If you are unlucky.....

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