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Re: Needle Valves, needling, and scent marking

Cynthia "ListMom" S Powers observed:

> Those of you who would like to continue the needle valve piddling
> contest
> need to take it off list; the rest of us are getting damp and don't
> appreciate it.  

Well once again a brawl has cleared the bar, but hasn't cleared up the

I think it is worth noting that this "p-contest" touched on some good
tech stuff of interest to at least a few members, involved no "four
letter" words ("piddling" notwithstanding ;-) ), and didn't keep
getting worse and worse, er, degenerate.  I honestly think that's a
step forward.  And the list has again gone for almost 6 weeks without a
brawl, and then just this mild one.  Then again, this one didn't get to
touch on politics ;-) .

The well-mannered posts are more effective and this time there was a
much higher percentage of them.  

Lastly, (and I don't want to sound like a jerk but I am afraid that I
will), I don't understand how anyone can be bored with a post that they
don't have to read.  It's not as if any one post displaces any others
from inclusion.

Scott H.

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