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Re: High Tech or the High Ground?

john wheeler said, in part:

> High tech should read "things that plants need method"
> and low tech should read "trying so hard to cheat
> algae, and save a dollar method". Both projects end up
> costing the same if you look at it in dollars per
> year. The way to get a really "juicy" tank is to give
> plants what they need. Isn't that why we do this
> anyway?

I think "to give plants what need" in this case should read "to give
plants what they need to grow really fast."  Other than that, many (at
least some) of the plants we grow don't need the "high tech" stuff --
you can grow them well although slowly without the high wattage
lighting, cable heaters, test kits, etc.

If someone is paying as much for a low tech tank set up as a high teh
set up, reread Diane's Treatise or some of, for example, Tom's posts
that discuss the slower growth method(s).  I would guess that the
differences in the amount of equipment, costs, and realted maintanenace
fostered the "high tech" terminology -- that and the fact that groups
of people tend to coin their own terms for things that already have
perfectly good terms.

Nice interfacing with you ;-)

Scott H.

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