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Re: Needle valve drawings

Dave Johnson asked:
> Does anyone have a good drawing (or at least a cross-section sketch)
> of a typical CO2 needle valve?
> If I can get this info, I will have a CFD calculation made to show
> the fluid flow characteristics with different preesures and settings.
> This can be shown graphically, illustrating pressure distribution,
> flow vectors, flow speeds, temperature distribution, and the presence
> of shock waves.  Nothing like seeing the graphics to understand!
> (I have several engineers who run CFD calculations nearly
> continuously, so it is not a big deal.  We are checking whether we
> have the correct data set for CO2.)

Try this site


for CAD drawings of needle valves.

And remember, folks, if you can't be sonic politely, don't be sonic at
all  :-)

Scott H.

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