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Re: Home Depot Filter Cartridges

I tried this with my Rainbow canister filter, which uses the same size
filters, about 2 years ago. It did not work for me.

2 things that I observed:

1-The construction is shoddy. They clog up really fast, and when they do,
they typically tear right through. The paper used in the rainbow cartridges
is much thicker.
2- After I replaced several of them over a 3 day period (I had done a major
overhaul) I noticed the tank was clouding over and the fish were acting
stressed out. I suspected at the time that the filters had an antibacterial
additive.  I could be wrong, but after a water change, and use of the
rainbow cartridges the tank went back to normal.

This alternative made sense to me. I was looking for a "disposable" solution
to the cleaning/bleaching cycle I did on a biweekly basis on my Rainbow.
Unfortunately, it did not work. BTW, the antibacterial additive was/is just
a hunch. The construction issue was the thing that made it unworkable.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> Why not simply use those under sink 19.99$ filters they sell at Home Depot
> and slap a 5 micron filter cartridge in there. 30$ or less. No mess, cheap
> filter cartridges(they also sell smaller micro sizes on line etc - 1 micron
> etc) just hooks right up to good sized filter/powerhead output etc.