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Re: I like diffusors

>>I really like the PlantGuild Products Power Reactor. I got mine with a CO2
system from www.floridadriftwood.com and I know that www.aquabotanic.com
carries them as well.<<

I really like the Plantguild unit as well. But a distinction should be made
to avoid further confusion. It is a reactor, not a diffusor. Diffusors are
glorified airstones, or a "bell" that theoretically holds a bubble til it
disolves. Reactors are chamber devices that mix CO2 with water via the
action of a pump or filter. These devices go back 20 years from Dupla and
Aqualine and other German manufactures. The Plantguild unit is simple and
effective. The jet action from the attached pump forces the C02 bubbles thru
a fine mesh netting completly dissolving it. But if you think thats
cool...wait til you see what is on the horizon...

Robert Paul Hudson