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Re: high tech

Hey gang,

I'm posting because I've seen the term "High Tech"
applied toward the activity too many times to feel
comfortable....especially at this late date.

(many apologies to the most recent poster. This is
*not* directed at you or anyone else.)

What is so "high tech" about good lights, CO2
injection, water column ferts, and an enriched
substrate? I'm having a terrible time deciding where
this term came from and why people still insist on
calling it that when the things I mentioned above make
things *so* much easier than the alternative. There
are many "approaches" that have given all of us a fool
proof way to fertilize our tanks, including , but not
limited to CO2....There is no guess work involved. Or
"technology" for that matter;) All of that which you
need is very carefully chronicled in the archives. 

High tech should read "things that plants need method"
and low tech should read "trying so hard to cheat
algae, and save a dollar method". Both projects end up
costing the same if you look at it in dollars per
year. The way to get a really "juicy" tank is to give
plants what they need. Isn't that why we do this

John Wheeler

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