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Re: the *most* recent trivial argument

Hey gang,

I usually don't get involved in such rowr's
(altercations), but this is stupid. Who cares?

The important thing is that needle valves work. For
*our* puposes, good needle valves work all of the
time. Mr. Gomberg has been a regular and important
contributor for a *long* time. I'm *sure* that he
wouldn't post info that was not reliable and quote
worthy, even if it was not complete, or paraphrased
for those not so technically minded.

When can we talk about plants, anyway? I tire of this
mumbo jumbo, and I know I'm not alone....

>>So, are you still insisting that "the real way a
needle valve works" is 
when the gas running through it reaches the speed of

Aren't you sick of flame wars? The peeps who don't
contribute anymore are. What does this have to do with
plants, anyway?

John Wheeler

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