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A good sloution instead of a diatom filter

Why not simply use those under sink 19.99$ filters they sell at Home Depot
and slap a 5 micron filter cartridge in there. 30$ or less. No mess, cheap
filter cartridges(they also sell smaller micro sizes on line etc - 1 micron
etc) just hooks right up to good sized filter/powerhead output etc.

Some PVC on the return from a larger system with a ball valve allows quick
polishing of water anything and they take about 1 minute to change the
cartridge. Or a simple hang on using the PVC and a pump for temporary set

I used one for a main pre filter at 50 microns for a 135 gallon tank for a
number of years and it worked great. For green water and detritus clean ups,
this should do as well as the Diatoms.
You can use the pleated 20 micron sized 9 3/4" and add diatom powder if you

System one's are nice but dang, +100$ ? Diatom's 70+$ and the other are just
as bad. A nice UV in the 8 watt range goes from 50-85$.

Another idea is the bag filters they use on Berlin style systems. These work
great in a sump set up or a gravity fed system. They are micron rated also
or you can sew your own from the filter pads.

No noise ideas that work.

Tom Barr