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Re: Strange Question about Java Moss

JLW at dune_net wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I've got two strange questions about either Java or Willow Moss
> (Fontinallis.)  I have a LOT of this stuff, and was wondering if anyone has

>ever tried using it in a bog media -- i.e., rather than using Sphagnum moss
>for a medium, using one of these two.  Ideally, I'd like to try to plant
>pitcher plants in it, but am wondering if it would work.... Anyone ever
>tried it?
I haven't actually tried using Java or Willow moss for this purpose, but
I do grow both as well as Sarracenia.  I don't think either Java or
Willow moss will retain as much moisture as Sphagnum moss also Sphagnum
releases acidic material which will, I beleive, provide a better
enviroment for the Sarracenia.  For Sarracenia I just use long-fiber
Sphagnum moss with a top dressing of live Sphagnum.

>And, more to the point, when I put it in thick grow-out tanks, the bottom
>areas tend to die off a little bit.  Very quickly, it turns stagnant, and
>reaks should it be distrubed.  Anyone have any ideas on keeping the bottom
>alive and growing, so it won't .. well, turn to H2S.  I'd rather avoid using
>an airstone or something, since it will run off CO2, and -- more to the
>point -- I'm just using the tanks to grow moss.  I'd rather avoid spending
>anything on it! :)

Perhaps a small pump could be used to provide more circulation in the
tank will alleviate the stagnant areas.  Also if you spread the moss out
so it is not as thick this also helps.