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Re: Avoiding Dumping CO2

The flames on this topic got out of hand fast but there is "some" 
good information in the thread.

Thanks Dave for starting it and Wright for the more technical 

My personal experience agrees.  I home-brewed a low pressure CO2 
manifold system.  In order to make use of some marginal needle 
valves, I lowered the manifold inlet pressure to 
4 psi to try to keep the valves in laminar flow, thinking this 
would give me better control.  My results are mixed.  I have 
adequate control but I know it is not optimal.  I will try 
raising the inlet pressure to see if there is an improvement.

Wright makes a strong point for increasing the inlet pressure 
so that turbulent flow is guaranteed.  And yes it is entirely 
possible that velocities at the transition boundary can approach 
supersonic.  Although the area would be microscopic, it does 
affect the rate and efficiency of flow.  

And, BTW, as a military aviator I had to be familiar with 
these concepts, albeit at a slightly more macro level.

Lyndle Schenck