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Re: Crinum flower stalk

Hello Madan,

I donít monitor the tank temperature.  The temperature

fluctuates with the room temperature.  Sometimes itís 
as high as 75 degrees F and it never goes below 63 
degrees F.  Over the last month or so the temperature 
has been up and down thru that range.  We have had 
some warm days followed by some really chilly ones.  I

turned the furnace off about a month ago when I 
switched the ductwork from heat to air conditioning.  
That was wishful thinking on my part.  Spring has been

slow to come this year.

The flower is fully above the surface now and has 
begun to protrude thru the leaf wrap.  It has been 
developing pretty rapidly lately.

Kind Regards,


newellcr at yahoo_com

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