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H2O2 Application

Tom Barr said 

"Well the old turkey baster method then. Good for the lazy in you and also
should work well. Turn off all flow in the tank for 5 minutes or so.
Fill that turkey baster with 5mls or better yet a nice disposable 5 ml
pipette and squirt the H2O2 right on the area infected very, very slowly.
This high concentration of H2O2 will kill the local area before it dilutes.
Some folks have tried this with good success. I have not tried it yet since
I have mainly been working with other algae lately. Seems like a good lazy
method for spot control."

I had some plants that had green hair on them that were not yet established,
I couldn't get the Algae off without completely uprooting them.   What I
finally did was cut a milk jug in half,   put it over top of them.   Inject
the H2O2 with a syringe into the milkjug and put a cap on it.   I left it
there for 10 minutes or so.   You may have to do this a couple of times.
It seems to kill the new algae growth quickly but the older stuff.   These
plants are almost established,  never did get it all the way off from them
but I am about to remove the original ones that came in and just leave the
new growth.