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Re: Re: Beginner's lessons

>>Well that would be real easy.  I can start by saying:  Show me where the
assertion occurs in the piece you ridiculed.  If you can't find it prepare
to admit that you are at least careless and at worst.....   Never mind, the
mind boggles.....<<

To me the whole arguement seems irrelavant. I have no idea if the gas
running thru my needlevalve is traveling at the speed of sound, or light, or
the bullet train. What I do know is the psi my industrial grade needlevalve
is rated for, the turns per inch, and the number of bubbles per MINUTE not
second that it can accurately go down to and hold to. I know what kind of
seals it has, the threading and gasket. And the size of the barb. I
personally do not think I need to know any more than that, although this is
rather entertaining!

Robert Paul Hudson