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Re: Bacopa and Allopathy

>>I personally have had algae problems in tanks with Bacopa caroliniana and
monnieri. Those plants werent the most populous in the tank, but Ive had BBA
hanging onto the B. caroliniana.
just my experience as an amateur algae grower.<<

I have never heard of Bacopa having any affect on algae, but I have heard of
Hornwort doing this. There used to be an article on either Dupla or Tropica
about this, cant remember which, but it is no longer on either site. I think
it was even published in TAG, maybe two or three years ago?

I have a 20 gallon tall tank that had consistent hair algae on wood as well
as green algae on the glass. This is a tank that I  really neglect, dont do
much of anything with and occasionaly just throw some plants in it. I loaded
it up with three bunches of hornwort which grew quickly across the top. The
only other plants that were in there were a few cryps. After a week I began
to see a slow down in algae growth. Again I neglected the tank for almost a
month... the hornwort grew so thick at the water surface that it was
blocking light below and the hornwort that was weighted down at the
substrate began to disintergrate.  I believe this rotting hornwort released
even more of the algae toxin into the water. The cryps by the way did
wonderful during all this time.

I cleared away much of the hornwort, and the tank was completly algae free.
that was four months ago, and the tank has remained algae free ever since. I
still keep hornwort growing in the tank. I have never cleaned the filter or
changed the water, or even added any fertilizer for that matter. The lights
aren't even on a timer. Light is sometimes 12 hours a day, sometimes 16 or
18 hours a day! It has no fish in it, and is severly abused and neglected
still, but what was once a thick green and hairy mess is now algae free!

I agree with Tom that in a normal tank with lots of other plants, and
variable conditions and water changes, having a little hornwort won't make a
noticable difference by itself, but combined with other methods of
minimizing algae growth, I think it can help. There would have to be a LOT
of hornwort in the tank for it to really do something...and who wants a tank
full of hornwort! :)

Robert Paul Hudson