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Re: Buurrp!

> Hmm, I have just hooked up a DIY reactor of my own and have the same
> problem.  It feeds water in from the top via a powerhead pump.  Its a very
> low power pump so I'm thinking about getting one that is much more powerful
> to increase flow and the agitation between water and CO2 bubbles.
> Is there always supposed to be a level of CO2 hanging at the top of the
> reactor, or will it always be water only if everything is right?  My first
> experiment ran about 4 bubbles per second.

Typically the level will be low in the morning and high in the evening if
you turn it on/off with the lighting timer.

A very simple solution is to drill a small hole 3/16" down on the tube to
prevent it from filling up. You can make this any height you choose. This
prevents overdosing and overfilling if you use yeast or some source you
cannot shut off. Add a piece of rigid airline tubing to the hole 1/2" to 1"
long. The tube will "burp" out the excess gas at this level which will
escape to the air above without dissolving.

A "burp" tube/hole.

Drink a cold one and let it rip. Blame it on the reactor if you get a rude

Tom Barr