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aquarium backgrounds-exterior applications

Hello Folks:
    I was looking for the "old fashioned" crystal
glaze paints that I remember my grandparents brushing
on the back of their tanks.  When these paints dried
they formed a random cystalized pattern that was
translucent and came in beautiful shades of burgandy,
ultramarine, gold and green.  Well, what ever became
of those paints?  I would like to use them if I could
find them.
    So, in my search for such paint I discovered an
item in Home Depot in the dapartment that sells shades
and blinds.  You put it on regular glass windows to
make them look like stained glass or whatever the
designs are which come in rolls of 24"x36".  It is
made by a company called Artscape out of Portland
Oregon.  All you do is spray water on the back of the
tank, peel the plastic sheet (which has the design you
selected) and lay it on the tank.  Use a squeegee to
pull out the water and air bubbles and it sticks to
the glass without glues, tape or other nasty stuff
that may be hard to remove in the future. If there is
a problem you just peel it off and apply again.  The
key is the glass must be clean and so must the plastic
sheet which is on a backing sheet to protect it. My
favorite designs which don't look like stained glass
are one called "Water Colors", which looks like light
shimmering in the water in a swimming pool, and the
other was called Reflections (which they discontinued,
what a shame!)which is a darker water design and
reminds me of Monets ponds reflecting the water
lilies, and sky colours in its depths.  I know this
stuff is meant for windows that look out on ugly
sights like the brick wall of a neighboring apartment
or a trash dump.  The designs allow light to pass
through and this gives a new dimemsion to viewing the
aquarium at night.  Has anyone else tried these
plastic sheet designs.  I thinks they are perfect for
aquariums if you like the designs.  They are
waterproof as well.
   Anyway, I would still like to hear from anyone who
might know where one can obtain the old crystal glaze
paint of my grandparents days.
Thanks, Diana

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