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Re: Crinum flower stock

Madan wrote "What are your water/substrate parameters and lighting levels
that got your
Crinum to flower / reproduce ? Any info will help."

Hello Madan,

The display tank is a 55 gallon aquarium.  The lighting is 11 hours of
4x40watt fl tubes (that are at least 2 years old).  The substrate is
fluorite and is about 4 inches thick.  The aquarium is not heated and the
general hardness is about 170 ppm and the pH is about 7.2.  The crinim bulb
has the center spot and has been doing well since I planted it about a year
ago.  Occasionally I inject DIY CO2 into the HOT magnum, it's been a while
since I have done this.  About 3 weeks ago I couldn't see my large angelfish
due to the massive Java Fern growth.  I ripped out a dozen surplus java fern
plants and a big wad of Rotala mac.  Then I could see the fish.  After the
massive pruning, the angels enjoyed some big meals of frozen brine shrimp.
All of the remaining plants had a spurt of growth.

That's pretty much it.

Kind Regards,