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Crinum .. how, when, and where ...

I don't really know how he did it; can't seem to locate the original post
anywhere on the recent digests [ but then I wasn't really looking ]
but here is the ''official'' [ meaning internet, which means there must be
s9ome element of luck tyo get things right as well ] way of dpoing it


Crinum macowanii These large bulbs are somewhat frost tender. Plant in a
sheltered position or in a large pot. They produce white to dark pink
flowers with a darker keel in early spring. Large specimen bulbs can have
leaves of over 1.2 metres or 4 feet in length and will produce up to 5
flower stems together. Flowers are lightly scented and bees are attracted to
them. Plant with the bulb completely buried and does best in soil with a
high humus content. Water and heavy feeding in spring and early summer is a
must for excellent flower production. Bulb goes dormant in winter but
watering should commence as soon as temperatures warm up. Minimum size 110
mm circumference.
Sorry mates, just thought I would try to be helpful. This I understood, but
most of what you speak is double gobbledygook ! and one of the boringest
subjects on earth must be carbon dioxide injection.